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Mykonos/Zanzibar/Palma/Shanghai/Lisbon – Maps for Esquire UK Travel Section


Pavilion Flower Pattern

Just lifted my head out from my sketchbook and it definitely looks like summer. Not sure how we got here but I think I could get used to it. I’m busy working on lots of things that I can’t post on the site right now but here are some flowers from a book commission I’m about to wrap up.

Big In Cannes

Big In Cannes

I’ve been busy working with Jelly Kitchen and super talented illustrator Hannah Warren on a bunch of weird little animations that are currently appearing on a MASSIVE screen on top of the Grand Hotel in Cannes.

#BigInCannes invites Cannes Lions attendees to create their own ads – matching our animations with big brands and coming up with their own headlines – with the most popular appearing on what is apparently the world’s largest rooftop mounted digital HD thing (screen).

There’s a mobile-friendly website here – – where you can create ads and vote on the current submissions.

#BigInCannes #LeGrandScreen

Big In Cannes

Big In Cannes