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Back To Square One - The Sunday Times Magazine Comic Strips

Since the summer I’ve had an amazing opportunity/challenge to create a weekly comic strip for The Sunday Times Magazine. The strips that have been printed so far have covered all kinds of important subjects – I’ve spotlighted Extreme Sports played by idiots, dealt a huge blow to Mr Isaac Newtons’s credibility and given a few pointers on Romance in the Medieval workplace.

I’ll post them on this blog from time to time but I’m keeping an archive of the strips on tumblr and on instagram.

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More maps

Esquire Travel Mykonos Map

Esquire Travel Zanzibar Map

Esquire Travel Palma Map

Esquire Travel Shanghai Map

Esquire Travel Lisbon Map

Mykonos/Zanzibar/Palma/Shanghai/Lisbon – Maps for Esquire UK Travel Section


Pavilion Flower Pattern

Just lifted my head out from my sketchbook and it definitely looks like summer. Not sure how we got here but I think I could get used to it. I’m busy working on lots of things that I can’t post on the site right now but here are some flowers from a book commission I’m about to wrap up.

Big In Cannes

Big In Cannes

I’ve been busy working with Jelly Kitchen and super talented illustrator Hannah Warren on a bunch of weird little animations that are currently appearing on a MASSIVE screen on top of the Grand Hotel in Cannes.

#BigInCannes invites Cannes Lions attendees to create their own ads – matching our animations with big brands and coming up with their own headlines – with the most popular appearing on what is apparently the world’s largest rooftop mounted digital HD thing (screen).

There’s a mobile-friendly website here – – where you can create ads and vote on the current submissions.

#BigInCannes #LeGrandScreen

Big In Cannes

Big In Cannes